Testimonials for Kevin Beckner

Kevin is proud to be endorsed by leaders and organizations around the region who know his dedication, experience, and integrity make him the most qualified candidate for the Hillsborough County Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Current and Former Elected Officials

Joe Affronti, Sr. - Kevin Beckner Testimonial

I had the privilege of working with Kevin Beckner when we both served on the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization. Kevin is an intelligent, ethical, and dedicated public servant who makes decisions based on what he believes is best for our community. He was known for his thorough preparation and robust dialogue regarding the issues at hand. Kevin Beckner will make a very solid and hard-working Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Joe Affronti, Sr.

Former Mayor, Temple Terrace

I have known Kevin for a long time and have always marveled at his commitment to the people of Hillsborough County. What I have admired most is his determination to include all and his appreciate of our diverse community. I enthusiastically support Kevin Beckner and look forward to working with him and build an even better, inclusive, stronger Hillsborough County.

Yolie Capin

Former Tampa City Councilwoman

Joe Citro Image

I proudly endorse Kevin Beckner. His experience as a financial planner, his understanding of Hillsborough County and his impeccable judgement and foresight make him the perfect person to serve as Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Joe Citro

Tampa City Council

Kevin has been a progressive leader in our community for years and his passion and drive have focused on the importance of diversity and inclusivity in our region. I’m excited to think about all the change and progress the Hillsborough County Circuit Court office and the court system.

John Dingfelder

Tampa City Council

“Tax dollars wisely invested” is more than a campaign promise because Kevin Beckner recognizes that working to build a system that provides access to justice for all is a benefit to everyone. Now, more than ever, we need his combination of skills and focus as the Clerk of the Circuit Court.”

Cheri Donohue

Temple Terrace City Council

Serving with a vision and with compassion are qualities we need in today’s leaders. I have known Kevin Beckner since his time as a County Commissioner and I watched him bring people together to effect lasting change. As a former school board member, I know the challenges of public service and trust Kevin to act in the best interests of our community. I am pleased to support Kevin to be our next Clerk of the Circuit Court of Hillsborough County.

Doretha Edgecomb

Former Hillsborough County School Board Member

With a focus on detail and a vision for the broader picture, Kevin Beckner is aptly suited to guide the many roles of the office of the Clerk of the Courts. To administer the complex array of keeping court and county records, guarding the public purse, and supporting the courts, requires the financial and managerial experience that Kevin has. I endorse Kevin Beckner.

Mary Figg

Former State Representative, District 60

Lynn Gray - Kevin Beckner Testimonial

Education is the new currency. This is a quote which I am certain Kevin Beckner will apply as the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Kevin’s experience with large budgets management and people skills will serve to benefit the needs of our Hillsborough County Public School employees and students.

Lynn Gray

Hillsborough County Public School Board Member, District 7

Not only do I respect Kevin Beckner for his experience, familiarity with the County, and financial background – but I’ve always admired his steel-eyed focus fighting for all the residents of Hillsborough County. I proudly stand with and endorse Kevin Beckner for Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Orlando Gudes

Tampa City Council, District 5

Patricia Kemp

As a countywide County Commissioner for District 6, Kevin Beckner had a record of standing up for Democratic ideals and justice for all. His pioneer work in juvenile justice reform is recognized as a model for communities across the state. I wholeheartedly endorse Kevin Beckner for the position of Clerk of Courts.”

Patricia Kemp

Hillsborough County Commission

District 6 Countywide

“Kevin Beckner is a natural leader and a dedicated public servant. From the day he was first elected, Kevin was a champion for Hillsborough County and its residents. Review his record; he fought for progress and change for all of us – not just some.  I enthusiastically endorse Kevin Beckner.”

Darryl Rouson

FL State Senate, District 19

Mark Sharpe

During my time on the County Commission, I always marveled at Kevin’s ability to work not only across the aisle but also with diverse groups of interest helping deliver new and important programs to the residents of Hillsborough. He will continue to that as our Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Mark Sharpe

Former Hillsborough County Commissioner

Sean Shaw image

As Florida’s Insurance Consumer Advocate, I served as our independent watchdog, protecting consumers from price gouging and insurance scams. I watched Kevin Beckner lead the fight for consumers’ rights on the Hillsborough County Commission, exposing bogus claims and tackling insurance fraud. His work with law enforcement on long-needed PIP reform resulted in lower insurance costs for all Floridians, and he convinced his fellow Commissioners to pursue a damages claim against BP Oil, resulting in the largest award of any county in Florida: $28.5 million. Kevin is focused, capable, and determined – he’s exactly who we need as Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Sean Shaw

Former Florida Insurance Consumer Advocate, and State Representative, District 61

Alex Sink

As the former Chief Financial Officer for the State of Florida, I know firsthand what skill sets and background are required to effectively run this important branch of government. I have known Kevin Beckner for years and watched him serve with integrity and efficiency while on the board of the Hillsborough County Commission. With his years of public service as a County Commissioner balancing a $4 billion budget and over 17 years as a Certified Financial Planning Professional, Kevin is my choice and the right person to lead Hillsborough into the future as Clerk of the Circuit Courts.

Alex Sink

Former Chief Financial Officer, State of Florida

Ed Turanchik

Kevin is smart, honest, and ethical. He cares deeply about good government and he pays attention to details. He is the right person to be Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Ed Turanchik

Attorney and Former County Commissioner

Luis Viera

Kevin Beckner is a trailblazer with a commitment to service and a track record as a champion for fiscal responsibility, inclusion, and historic change in Hillsborough County. I am proud to stand with Kevin as he seeks to continue his journey as the Clerk of our Circuit Court.

Luis Viera

Tampa City Council Chair

Community Leaders

Erin Aebel - Kevin Beckner Testimonial

Kevin has the demeanor and experience to be an excellent Clerk of the Circuit Court. He will help our community by managing our court system which touches so many people’s lives.

Erin Aebel


I worked closely with Commissioner Beckner on Sun City Center’s proposal to develop a golf cart path to Walmart that had been tied up in bureaucratic red tape for years. Our success was due to Kevin’s leadership strength in bringing people together to find win-win solutions. I found Kevin to be a consistently honest, hardworking, and ethical County Commissioner during his 2 terms, and I highly recommend him as our next Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Edmund L. Barnes

Past President, Sun City Center Community Association

Cordel Batchelor

I have served in the Tamp Bay community for 20 years as an attorney and I have seen firsthand what Kevin Beckner can – and will – achieve as a public servant. Whether it be juvenile justice, violence prevention, employment for nonviolent ex-offenders, or insurance fraud – when Kevin decides to tackle something, he won’t rest until it’s done! He is ethical, focused, determined and dedicated. He has a vision to take the Clerk’s office into the future, and he is the right person for the job. I proudly endorse him.

Cordel Batchelor

Attorney & Office of Public Defender, Tampa

As County Commissioner, Kevin Beckner worked to expand the Civil Citation Program countywide to make sure our children get a second chance in life. He helped pave the way local policymakers address violence and post-incarceration continuums of care in the community. It’s refreshing to see leadership in action!

Robert Blount

Hillsborough County Resident

Simon Canasi

Kevin has always been an excellent public servant and watchdog of our tax dollars. His ‘thinking outside of the box’ will serve us well.

Simon M. Canasi

Tampa Hispanic Heritage Man of the Year, 2019 and Former Hillsborough County Civil Service Board Member

Neal Carbaugh - Kevin Beckner Testimonial

As a former member of the Hillsborough Civil Service Board, I watched Kevin lead a collaborative effort among key stakeholders to create a new strategic plan for the Civil Service Board, including developing a new mission statement, vision statement, and goals. I also watched him implement innovative methodologies to incorporate paperless and web technology into our daily operations to make our organization more efficient and effective. Finally, I watched him manage taxpayer funds to successfully execute the many functions of our board and staff consistently under budget. Those qualities of collaborative leadership, visionary strategic planning, innovative use of technology, and efficient use of funds, when combined with his extensive network and knowledge of Hillsborough County operations, make him an excellent choice for Clerk of Court.

Neal Carbaugh

Retired Colonel, United States Air Force

Former Hillsborough County Civil Service Board Member

Ernest M Coney Jr

Kevin Beckner is known as a champion for the residents of Hillsborough County, but it was his soft spot for at-risk populations that made him stand out to me. When Kevin served on the County Commission he lead the effort on impactful programs like Ready4Work and the Juvenile Task Force to foster opportunities in our underserved communities. He is the right person to lead our Clerk of the Circuit Court offices.

Ernest M. Coney, Jr.

President & CEO, Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa, Inc.

Ron Christaldi

I know Kevin Beckner personally and am impressed by his professionalism and passion for the pursuit of excellence. I speak as a seasoned attorney when I say I truly believe those who practice law will be well served by him.

Ron Christaldi

Partner, Management Committee Member, President/CEO Shumaker Advisors Florida, LLC

I’ve known Kevin Beckner for two decades working with him most actively in his role as a County Commissioner and my capacity as Founding Director of Trinity Cafe, a not for profit restaurant that unconditionally serves a nutritious meal with love, care, dignity and respect to those in need. Kevin is ethical, smart, analytical, fair, and compassionate. He’s a strategic problem solver.

Jeff Darrey

Retired Founder of Marketing Associates USA, Founding Director Emeritus of Citrus Bank, and Co-Founder of Indigo Coffee

Pete Edwards

I’m proud to support Kevin Beckner for Hillsborough County Clerk of Court. Having previously served with him as former members of the Children Board of Hillsborough County I can personally attest to his professionalism, detailed analysis and upmost sincerity in protecting the taxpayers investment in a most efficient but effective manner. Citizens and employees of the Clerk’s office will definitely benefit in positive ways upon his election.

Robert “Pete” Edwards

Community Volunteer

Kevin Beckner has been a superb representative of the citizens of Hilllsborough County. His thoughtful, deliberative, and ethical approach to decision making combined with his passion to succeed in his mission have provided the county the very best in political representation. His support for natural resource and ecosystem protection has helped move Hillsborough County in the important direction of implementing sustainable practices fort the foreseeable future. It is an honor to endorse Kevin in his campaign for Hillsborough Clerk of Court.

Rick Garrity, PhD

Retired Executive Director, Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County

Robert Glaser - Kevin Beckner Testimonial

I have known Kevin as both a county commissioner and as an involved community citizen and I know his expertise and professionalism will provide to the citizens of HIllsborough county the best candidate to serve as Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Robert Glaser

President/CEO, Smith & Associates Real Estate

As an attorney and long-time advocate for excellence in government, I know that the mark of an extraordinary leader is demonstrated not only by their vision for the future, but by the energy and commitment to see that vision realized. I have worked with Kevin Beckner, and have seen his demonstrated a tenacity and selfless willingness to serve. He has my undivided support. Kevin esta con nuestro pueblo!

Alma Gonzalez


Richard Gonzmart

I have known Kevin for more than 10 years. As our County Commissioner, Kevin displayed his leadership by protecting our tax dollars and streamlining government. Kevin is fiscally responsible, honest, and trustworthy. he is smart, fair, inclusive, and open to new ideas. We need more champions for all of Hillsborough like Kevin. I urge you to support Kevin Beckner and let him continue to serve our community.

Richard Gonzmart

4th generation Caretaker, Columbia Restaurant Group

Ed Lally

I’ve known Kevin for many years and consider him to be a friend and mentor. As a County Commissioner, he collaborated with the business community, grassroots organizers, and government agencies to effect lasting change in Hillsborough County. Kevin’s integrity and financial background make him the perfect fit for the Clerk of the Circuit Court and I’m thrilled he’s seeking elected office again. We could not be in better hands.

Ed Lally

Political & LGBTQ+ Activist

Yvette Lewis

When Kevin Beckner first stepped into the public spotlight he promised to bring change and more inclusion to Hillsborough County –  and time after time he delivered on those promises. Our county has made progress but still has a long way to go. Having strong leaders like Kevin out there fighting to level the playing field gives me hope, especially for our court system.

Yvette Lewis

Civil Rights Activist

I have known Kevin Beckner since he was a County Commissioner and I noticed his attention on issues affecting our youth. His work to reform the juvenile justice system and to prevent violence in our community (following the Sandy Hook tragedy) continues to benefit our kids to this day.

Kevin’s strong work ethic and focus on process will serve us well as our next Clerk of the Circuit Court. As a Mom and a Grandmother, I trust Kevin Beckner and you should too!

Candy Lowe

The Black Business Bus Tour

Since I first met Kevin during his successful campaign for County Commission, he has worked tirelessly to improve our community. Kevin’s work ranges from helping kids become productive citizens to using his knowledge of finance to watch over tax payers dollars on the commission. Our community needs leadership that can bring innovative new ideas that will revolutionize the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Kevin will provide that and more as the next Clerk of the Circuit Court for Hillsborough County.

Clinton Paris

Esquire, Past President George Edgecomb Bar Association, Tampa Organization of Black Affairs, Board of Directors

Eric Seidel

Kevin Beckner has a unique talent for looking for the best efficiencies possible in anything he is working on. Local attorneys and our clients will benefit from having a focused leader with a fresh approach in the Clerk of Circuit Court’s office.

Eric Seidel, Esq.

Of Counsel, McIntyre Thanasides Bringgold Elliot Grimaldi Guito & Matthews, P.A.

Nadine Smith - Kevin Beckner Testimonial

Kevin has a knack for bringing diverse communities together to find solutions that are only possible because new perspectives and vantage points are allowed to emerge. We need smart, capable, inclusive and disciplined leadership. Kevin hits the mark.

Nadine Smith

LGBT Activist

I worked closely with Kevin as the Chair of the Hillsborough County Civil Service Board and throughout a difficult transition which he displayed extreme knowledge and leadership. Kevin consistently displayed the highest level of professionalism during every interaction, meeting and conversation. Kevin’s experience and integrity would make him an excellent Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Ernie E. Trichler, II

Attorney and Former Chair of Hillsborough County Civil Service Board

As a former local governmental agency attorney I worked closely with Kevin for over 10 years. I saw his dedication to making improvements in our community and I know he always does his homework. I know that Kevin’s interest in elected office is for the right reason, government that is efficient and inclusive. Kevin is by far the best qualified person to serve as our next Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Rick Tschantz

Attorney, Carlton Fields

I followed Kevin’s service on the Board of County Commissioners and found him to be a servant of all the citizens. He consistently chose to champion human rights’ initiatives to strengthen our community at-large that include: Civil Citations for juvenile offenders, violence prevention in our neighborhoods (Safe & Sound), human rights protection of all citizens, career development training for non-violent ex-offenders and a county-wide Diversity Council, to name a few.

We need effective, compassionate leaders. Kevin Beckner has proven himself to be one of those leaders and, in my opinion, he is the right person to lead the Office of the Clerk of Circuit Court.

Dr. Samuel L. Wright

President/CEO, Dr. Samuel L. Wright Consulting, LLC

Peter Zinober

It gives me great pleasure to endorse Kevin Beckner in his candidacy for Clerk of the Circuit Court. I knew of Kevin by reputation as a County Commissioner for many years, and worked with him directly during his tenure as Civil Service Board Executive Director from 2016-2019.

I watched Kevin embrace a number of rather daunting challenges with intelligence, creativity and leadership, all the while remaining positive and committed to the welfare and protection of the classified employees of Hillsborough County. I am certain he will bring these same qualities to the Clerk of the Circuit Court and I am thrilled to recommend him to the public for this position.

Peter Zinober

Global Co-Chair, Labor & Employment Law, Ogletree Deakins


West Central Florida AFLCIO

We have proudly endorsed Kevin Beckner based on his record of community advocacy, his stance for fair / living wages and his strong record of supporting working families. Kevin has a track record of making decisions based on what’s best for ALL people in Hillsborough County, and we need more like him.

Cheryl Schroeder

WCFFL Executive Director

“The endorsement of the West Central Florida Labor Council (WCFLC). includes the support of the largest member of the WCFLC, the Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association (HCTA), representing over 16,000 teachers and 4,500 educational support personnel.” 

Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association


UFCW Local Union 1625 is proud to endorse Kevin Beckner for the office of Clerk of the Court for Hillsborough County Kevin is committed to using his experience as a county commissioner to work with the community and stakeholders to create a system of justice that is fairer, more modern, and more integrated to ensure equal access for all individuals. He will establish a Self-Help Center to provide high-quality legal assistance at an affordable price. Income should not be a barrier to receiving equal access to the justice system. The role of Clerk of the Court should be built on Integrity, Trust and Transparency.

United Food & Commercial Workers Union, Local 1625

Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1464
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 824
International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 487
U.A. Plumbers & Pipefitters, Local Union 123
Hillsborough County Firefighters, Local 2294
Tampa Firefighters
Tampa Firefighters Local 754
Teamsters Local 79
Victory Fund
IBEW Local 915
IW Local 397
IUPAT Local 78
Democratic Progressive Caucus of Tampa Bay
Muslims for Democracy and Fairness
Hillsborough County LGBTA Democratic Caucus
The Florida Sentinel Bulletin
Greater Tampa Realtors
Organize Florida
Emgage Action

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