Kevin’s Commitments and Priorities as Clerk of The Circuit Court

Kevin’s Commitments and Priorities as Clerk of The Circuit Court

In my role as Your Chief Financial Officer:

  • I will utilize my 17-year experience as a Certified Financial Planner(TM) practitioner and 8 years as your County Commissioner balancing a nearly $4 billion dollar budget.
  • I will oversee an office that is fiscally accountable and responsible for the safekeeping, auditing, and wise investment of your tax dollars.
  • The foundation of my office will be built on Integrity, Trust and Transparency.

In my role as Your Clerk of the Court:

  • I will use my experience as a county commissioner to work with the community and stakeholders to create a system of justice that is more fair, more modern, and more integrated to ensure equal access for all individuals.
  • My leadership will give rise to a culture that focuses on:
    • Friendly, Efficient and Expedient Customer Service
    • Increasing employee engagement to create a healthier and more balanced work-life environment
    • Utilizing technology to safely and securely expand electronic access to records and files and provide more online services.
    • Utilizing cloud technology to realize efficiency and cost savings for storage and access of files and records.
    • Merging technology improvements with end-user talent to reduce personal wait time.

Integrated System of Justice

My office will work in partnership with the community and system stakeholders (Law Enforcement, State Attorney, Public Defender, Court Administrator, and the Judiciary) to develop an integrated system of justice that provides secure communications and exchange of appropriate information with one another.

Equal Access to the Justice System

In partnership with the Hillsborough County Bar Association, I will establish a Self-Help Center to provide high-quality legal assistance at an affordable price. Income should not be a barrier to receiving equal access to the justice system.

I will also expand offices and community outreach in underserved and minority neighborhoods.

Fairer Justice System

The Clerk of the Court is responsible for issuing summons to appear for jury duty.

The Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees an individual the right to a trial by an impartial jury. That requires the services of a large number of qualified and diverse jurists.

As Clerk, I will implement best practices from other circuits and explore technological advances designed to identify qualified jurists.